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Sunday 25th January
LRRL Barrow 6

Monday 26th January
Training @ St Andrews

Wednesday 27th January
Training and Beginner Running @ Manor Road

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Recent Results

Ranscombe Challenge

John Stew 40th, 6.30.15

parkrun 17/1/15

Ben Milsom 102nd, 24.15

parkrun 10/1/15

Ben Milsom 103rd, 24.28
Neil Winkless 146th, 26.20
Shaun Heaphy 206th, 28.26

Winter Enigma Marathon

Jon Heap 33rd, 4.46.45

Parkrun 3/1/15

Ben Milsom 114th, 24.24
Shaun Heaphy 226th, 28.20

Parkrun 1/1/15

Ben Milsom 48th, 22.37
Shaun Heaphy 155th, 29.25

Huncote Hash

Robin Meynell 96th, 54.57
Dale Jenkins 97th, 54.57
Steve Robinson 98th, 54.58
Dave Lodwick 104th, 55.08
Colin Bowpitt 120th, 56.50
Dan Bannatyne 159th, 61.08
Chris Peach 160th, 61.13
Jackie Brown 188th, 63.38
Martin Capell 198th, 65.16
John Stew 267th, 72.56
Ruth Stevely 290th, 76.03
Clare Mendes 308th, 78.52
Trudy Sharpe 321st 82.39
Natasha Eastwood 322nd, 82.45

Parkrun 27/12/14

Ben Milsom 36th, 23.31
Steve Wheeler 138th, 30.31

Barrow Handicap

Dale Jenkins 56th, 41.20
Robin Meynell 106th, 45.08
Dan Bannatyne 112th, 45.23
Jon Heap 195th, 52.19
John Stew 205th, 52.52
Ruth Stevely 224th, 54.47
Clare Mendes 227th, 54.59
Trudy Sharpe 236th, 55.46
Colin Bowpitt 275th, 59.45

Parkrun 25/12/14

Ben Milsom 47th, 22.22
Shaun Heaphy 145th, 27.21

Gaddesby Gallop

Dale Jenkins 23rd, 41.05
Dave Lodwick 49th, 45.38
Colin Bowpitt 69th, 48.25
Vicky Sutton 80th, 50.34
Ian Bass 132nd, 64.05

Parkrun 20/12/14

Steve Wheeler 28th, 20.21(PB)
Ben Milsom 82nd, 22.49

Cannon Hill Parkrun

Jackie Brown 129th, 24.32

Turkey Trot

Steve Wheeler 192nd, 1.36.01(PB)
Chris Peach 279th, 1.39.55
Hitesh Pandya 374th, 1.44.50
Ruth Stevely 781st, 2.07.55
Trudy Sharpe 803rd, 2.09.29

Parkrun 13/12/14

Ben Milsom 96th, 23.45

Parkrun 6/12/14

Ben Milsom 78th, 24.05


Records Tumble in Beautiful Bradgate

Picture courtesy of SL Images (Stephen Lee)

A big thank you to the Rangers and Trustees for making us welcome and to all of the Roadhoggs and friends who helped. The feedback from runners has been fantastic. A record 405 men and 221 ladies finished the race and there was a bumper crop of youngsters too. As well as staging the race, Roadhoggs had 34 finishers (another record). Here are some pictures of the race; feel free to copy and share. Results

Beginner Running: Everyone Welcome

Run England LogoRoadhoggs are putting on Run England-affiliated beginner running sessions every Wednesday @ 7.00pm. These free sessions, organised in conjunction with the University of Leicester, take place at the University Sports Centre on Manor Rd, are run by qualified leaders and are suitable for complete beginners. If you're interested in coming along, please contact us. We also cater for 'improvers' too, so why not give us a try?

Roadhoggs on the Ridge

It may be the furthest venue of the series but Sinai Park saw our biggest turnout of the season; 26. Harry Mullen and Fabio ran their first cross country races for us and Harry topped this by being first Hogg home. For the ladies, Becca put in another strong performance and those following included Jackie; making a welcome return to cross country, following her serious injury. Results.

Hoggs on the Heath

A much better turnout this week, as the Derby Runner caravan made its way to Bagworth Heath; 6 ladies and 13 men. As ever, there was plenty of mud at 'Bogworth' but thankfully, lots of good ground as well. James and Becca B led the teams again and Ben survived his first taste of the muddy stuff. Results and Kim's report.

Athlete of the Year

Mark Ramsden

Congratulations to Mark Ramsden, who was voted 'Athlete of the Year' by the members for his outstanding performances in the LRRL. Other award winners were; Trudy Sharpe and Mark Ramsden (Road Running), Vicky Salt and Steve Robinson (Most Improved), Vicky Sutton and Dale Jenkins (Cross Country). There were also Special Chairman's Awards for Ludo Renou (2.33 Marathon), Jerry Wilkes (Solo Round Leicester) and John Stew (10 Marathons in 10 days). To mark the club's 30th anniversary, life memberships were awarded to Baz Barratt, Barry Waterfield, Keith Dakin and Alison Lodwick.

What a Weekend!

Whilst not quite rivalling Heinz, Roadhoggs were involved in an amazing variety of events this weekend; Parkrun, Autumn Shakespeare Marathon and Half, Leicester University Relays, Derby Runner XC, Beacon Hill Trail HM, Shillington Shuffle Trail Marathon, Leeds Abbey Dash and The Winter Beast. Congratulations to James B, Stephen D, Steve R and Ludo for setting impressive PBs.


Craig N  Fabio

Despite the windy conditions, several Hoggs managed to pick up PBs; Craig and Fabio in the full and James D, Jon M, Steve W, Steve B, Drew and Emma in the half. Congratulations too, to Mark R on his GFA time and to Hannah, who broke 2 hours in her first HM.

Monster Run

Congratulations to Afra on a great run in the Loch Ness Marathon. Sub-4 at the first attempt is a brilliant effort!