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Monday 15th February
Training @ St Andrews

Wednesday 17th February
Training & Beginner Running @ Manor Road

Sunday 21st February
DRL Ullesthorpe

Sunday 28th February
LRRL Stilton 7

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Recent Results

Bramley 20

Brian Feldman 740th, 3.44.24

MHpr 13/2/16

Steve Barnes 53rd, 25.26

LVpr 13/2/16

Emma Raven 35th, 22.41
Richard Curtis 36th, 22.41
Marcus Shaikh 72nd, 25.34
Liz Butler 138th, 32.01

Bpr 13/2/16

Ben Milsom 30th, 20.44
James Thurman 31st, 20.48
Baz Barratt 52nd, 21.51
Max Barratt 140th, 25.22
Caroline Evans 223rd, 28.47

Charnwood Hills

Nick Cobley 43rd, 1.53.55
Dale Jenkins 115th, 2.09.09

Watford HM

Brian Feldman 1730th, 2.21.27

LVpr 6/2/16

Emma Raven 24th, 23.04
Steve Wheeler 33rd, 23.35
Valerie Spezi 88th, 28.49
Jeannette Franklin 107th, 30.47
Liz Butler 123rd, 33.28
Brian Feldman 126th, 34.23

Bpr 6/2/16

Ben Milsom 22nd, 21.01
James Thurman 26th, 21.22
Baz Barratt 55th, 22.47
Caroline Evans 169th, 28.31
Edd Smissen 170th, 28.31

Holly Challenge

Chris Peach 4.58.59

LVpr 30/1/16

Brian Feldman 120th, 32.22

Bpr 30/1/16

Ben Milsom 23rd, 20.46
James Thurman 30th, 21.18
Edd Smissen 33rd, 21.22
Baz Barratt 67th, 22.59
Max Barratt 126th, 24.51
Caroline Evans 231st, 29.00

Las Palmas 10K

Steve Palmer 527th, 48.15

MHpr 23/1/16

Steve Barnes 55th, 25.01

LVpr 23/1/16

Emma Raven 34th, 22.21
Steve Wheeler 47th, 23.15
Baz Barratt 52nd, 23.44
Valerie Spezi 23rd, 25.52
Brian Feldman 150th, 32.44

Bpr 23/1/16

Ben Milsom 25th, 20.46
James Thurman 30th, 21.02
Jacqui Dean 228th, 30.25 

LVpr 16/1/16

Steve Wheeler 39th, 22.36
Paul Langham 47th, 23.16

MHpr 16/1/16

Steve Barnes 45th, 24.03

Bpr 16/1/16

Ben Milsom 9th, 20.12
James Thurman 25th, 21.28
Baz Barratt 73rd, 24.07
Caroline Evans 174th, 29.14



Training 17/2/16

This week we'll be running the East Park Road route (in reverse): 6.4 miles, 5.3 miles and 4.3 miles.

DRL Grace Dieu

Wot no travelator? Grace Dieu went 'back to the future' by returning to a 2-lap format. A revised start and finish meant we were spared the dreaded travelator sprint at the end. The course had a little of everything and a bit more of mud and water but was a fair challenge. Even the drizzly rain couldn't spoil the sweet taste of Trudy's scientifically formulated post race recovery food (cake). Draft results.

Beginner Running Group

Run England logoWe have a beginner running group now under way. The group meet on Wednesdays, 7pm at the Roger Bettles Sports Centre on Manor Road, Oadby. If you're interested, contact Alison, our Beginner Running Coordinator (07850 270614).

New Year Enters with a Splash

Team shot

The hardcore mud lovers were out for the annual post-Christmas burn up; the Huncote Hash. A good chunk of the course was under water and more was falling from the skies but it was great fun, as ever. The race was a sell out; people falling over themselves to get soaked and comprehensively muddy (mud is obviously 'the new black'!).

Dale Does It!

DaleAt a glittering ceremony Roadhogg Stalwart Dale Jenkins was crowned 'Athlete of the Year' by his fellow runners. He had already won 'Male Road Running Athlete of the Year', a clear indication that Captain Rambo had his finger on the pulse. During the season, Dale set PBs at 6 miles, 10K, 10 miles and Half Marathon. Science says you get slower as you get older; clearly Dale knows something we don't! He also hit Gold Standard at all distances up to 20 miles with the exception of 7 miles (even he couldn't overcome the heat at Hungarton!). A string of age-group prizes were nicely topped off by his first LRRL award; 2nd V55.

Emma Raven was Female Road Runner of the Year and our 'Most Improved Athletes' were Clare and Ben; I'll round up their achievements in the next newsletter.

The cross country awards were won by James and Becca Bostock (now sadly moved to Yorkshire).

Finally, there was a 'Chairman's Award' for Trudy Sharpe in recognition of her solo Equinox (thus confirming her place in the Roadhogg pantheon of ultra runners) and her culinary contribution to the success of our cross country teams.

Thanks to Mandy for the photo.

Under the Radar

It has just come to light that Nathan Adams has been flying the Roadhogg flag down Market Harborough way and banging in some quick parkruns. He's down to an impressive 18.03 and has notched up a first and a couple of second places in recent weeks; well done Nathan.

Award Winners

Congratulations to Emma Raven (3rd V45), Jackie Brown (2nd V50) and Dale Jenkins (2nd V55) in the LRRL Summer League.

Champions of Division 2


Our magnificent hoggettes have bounced back from last year's relegation by storming to both the senior and veteran LRRL Division 2 titles. Well done to captain Jackie and all of your fantastic team! Congratulations also go to Clare, Alison, Fabio, Dale, Dave L, Ben, Ferrante and Chris who were 100% in this year's LRRL.