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Tuesday 3rd May
Coached Session
@ Manor Rd

Wednesday 4th May
Training @ Manor Rd

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Recent Results

Woodhouse May Day Challenge

Ben Milsom 100th, 1.56.46
Lee Hennell 117th, 2.00.16
Dan Bannatyne 191st, 2.11.47
Steve Robinson 253rd, 2.25.28
Barbara Hermann 254th, 2.25.29

MK Marathon

Richard Curtis 560th, 3.53.22
Sophie Noble 1076th, 4.21.21

Great Birmingham 10K

James Thurman 165th, 42.37(PB)
Hayley Yarnell 2267th, 56.18

LVpr 30/4/16

Igor Burbela 12th, 20.27
Terry Woodhouse 15th, 20.43
Rob Milstead 18th, 21.01
Emma Raven 26th, 21.37
Shaun Heaphy 99th, 27.40
Ruth Stevely 106th, 28.18
Brian Feldman 142nd, 31.40
Wei Han 151st, 33.40

Bpr 30/4/16

James Thurman 24th, 20.26
Edd Smissen 31st, 20.44
Ben Milsom 40th, 21.22
Dave Lodwick 45th, 21.39
Baz Barratt 52nd, 22.03
Max Barratt 168th, 26.11
Alison Lodwick 316th, 32.05
Kathryn Evans 349th, 34.31
Caroline Smissen 350th, 34.33

MHpr 30/4/16

Steve Barnes 71st, 24.12

Bassetlaw Bash 26.7m

Chris Peach 5.13

London Marathon

Mark Ramsden 3.01.21
Igor Burbela 3.14.50
Kathryn Evans 3.35.38
Jackie Brown 3.36.53(PB)
Dale Jenkins 3.52.05
Afra Kelsall 3.54.48
Jerry Wilkes 3.56.48

Shakespeare HM

Charlotte Wood 313th, 1.41.27

Wirksworth Incline

Dave Lodwick 53rd, 33.34

LVpr 23/4/16

James Boyd 4th, 18.35
Rob Milstead 24th, 21.26
Emma Raven 31st, 22.06
Valerie Spezi 96th, 27.36
Liz Butler 127th, 30.12

MHpr 23/4/16

Steve Barnes 75th, 24.13

Bpr 23/4/16

Ben Milsom 16th, 20.00
James Thurman 17th, 20.01
Baz Barratt 34th, 20.55
Max Barratt 96th, 23.30

Brighton Marathon

Richard Curtis 883rd, 3.29.27
Lee Hennell 3021st, 4.06.33
Sophie Noble 1058th, 4.18.20
Brian Feldman 5717th, 5.09.21



Livingston Relays

Well done to our two men's teams and to captain Rambo for correctly picking the four fastest on the day (just) for the 'A' team. Team A (16th of 35): James Boyd 17.41, Baz Barratt 20.54, Mark Ramsden 18.06 and Ben Milson 19.31. Team B (32nd of 35): Tom Martin 20.57, Dan Bannatyne 23.09, Max Barratt 24.59 and Mike Cummins 21.12.

Training 4/5/16

Back at HQ (Manor Road) this week and it's time to do the golf course (ferret) route: 6.7 miles, 5.9 miles and 4.4 miles.

Kibworth 6

Well the hills were still there; unmoved by threats involving the use of bulldozers or high explosives! A cold wind failed to spoil what was a perfect morning for running and a handy crop of Hoggs turned out to pit themselves against one of the toughest courses in the County. We welcomed Tim to his first road race for the club and Ashley, James B and Edd to their first league starts of the year. Inevitably, the tougher course had an effect on times, but Charlotte, Baz, Brian and Tom impressively bucked the trend by improving on their Barrow times. The ladies packed well with both senior and veteran teams finishing in the top 30. Draft results.


A big thank you to everyone who helped make the Roadhogg/SJ takeover of the Leicester Victoria parkrun such a success. Special thanks to Race Director Rich Norton for pulling it all together. We also had three of our current crop of beginners running; two of whom were doing their 'graduation' parkruns. Congratulations to Sukhi, Nehal and Rosie.

Stilton 7

Steve P Dale

Probably because we don't run it that often, we think of the Stilton course as harder than it really is. Asfordby hill is hard work, particularly the second time, but times (on average) were no slower than Barrow. We were pleased to welcome Liz, Emily and Chris to their first runs for the club and to have Rob with us again. Dale, Jackie and Mark R hit the Gold Standard we've come to expect of them (despite the latter two having been 'on the razz' the night before), but we were also delighted to see Steve P follow up his Gold in the Las Palmas 10K with another one in the slightly less salubrious surroundings of post-industrial Asfordby. Draft results.

DRL Ullesthorpe

It was so windy on top of the hill that the tent stayed in its bag and we huddled round the club  'tarp'; just like old times. A good crop of Roadhoggs enjoyed a good testing course (if not the tough uphill finish) and we were pleased to welcome Jacqui D, Jeannette and Raj to their first XC races. We also made inroads into an excellent selection of cakes afterwards. Results.

DRL Grace Dieu

Wot no travelator? Grace Dieu went 'back to the future' by returning to a 2-lap format. A revised start and finish meant we were spared the dreaded travelator sprint at the end. The course had a little of everything and a bit more of mud and water but was a fair challenge. Even the drizzly rain couldn't spoil the sweet taste of Trudy's scientifically formulated post race recovery food (cake). Draft results.

Beginner Running Group

Run England logoOur beginner running course has now finished, but if you're already running, contact Alison, our Beginner Running Coordinator (07850 270614).

New Year Enters with a Splash

Team shot

The hardcore mud lovers were out for the annual post-Christmas burn up; the Huncote Hash. A good chunk of the course was under water and more was falling from the skies but it was great fun, as ever. The race was a sell out; people falling over themselves to get soaked and comprehensively muddy (mud is obviously 'the new black'!).